• Docu Features


    These are documentary videos that feature different stories of individual or organization. Diinsider works with organizations to produce and distribute high quality and inspiring stories of the grassroots.



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    Short viral-video type that showcase different social innovations directly impacting to people.



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    These are collaborative videos produced by both client organizations and Diinsider.



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    Internet Series


    1. #CatchUpWith Series


    #CatchUpWith is an internet series in a vlogging format, featuring different inspiring leaders and changemakers, talking about the latest news about their projects and giving advice on any social impact topics.


    Each season has different topics with 10 episodes. The 1st season is all about Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific.



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    Original short videos and documentary stories hunted by the Diinsider team and pitched in different pitching forums, big media orgs, and competitions for production.



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    "Our team can't thank Diinsider enough for

    making the documentary about our farmers.

    It's an impeccable video!

    In fact, we are using it in our pitching

    presentation at the Enactus World Cup!"


    Rice Up Farmers, Philippines

    Good for Visibility


    "Thanks for sharing our innovation!

    Having 360ED featured is an honor.

    It is also good for visibility since we are

    expanding our market in other countries."


    360ED, Myanmar

    Loved the video!


    "We are extremely thankful for this collaboration

    to promote our infolady model.

    You have done a great job.

    Loved the video! "


    iSocial, Bangladesh


    When we started Diinsider, it has come to our attention that most social innovators and changemakers don't pay much attention to their media strategies. But based on studies and experience, good quality media contents do a big, big boosting to projects' credibility and it opens up to new opportunities.


    Between thinking about production and distribution, we understand that you might not have enough time and human resources for these important things.



    That's why we are lending our hand to work together in telling your story to the world.



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