Change Magazine works as a media hub for social innovators and entrepreneurs around the globe. It is a flagship initiative under Diinsider’s Production Program.


    With audience in 126 countries, Change Magazine provides in-depth analysis on social impact issues, informative articles for professional and emerging leaders, changemakers, and innovators, and promote grassroots innovations and initiative that have the potential to inspire many organizations who have been directly involved in work at the grassroots level, and empower them to take effective actions with sustainable and scalable models.


    Our editorial and management team combines intensive grassroots experiences with crosssector skills and global perspective. We are all social entrepreneurs dedicated to creating changes in the grassroots level, however when Change started, we could not see a single platform that can empower our work with both inspirations and in-depth analysis. So we created one.

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    Country Users: 192 countries

    Highest Countries Readers: Myanmar, US, Philippines, China, Bangladesh


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    We publish and distribute articles that tackle social impact in the following format and topics:


    1. In-Depth Analysis

    2. News

    3. Dialogue with Impact Investors

    4. Tech and Innovation

    5. People

    6. Other Features


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    Twice a year, Diinsider trains young writers from across the globe to bring stories about social impact and grassroots development.


    From 2017, we already have 30+ global correspondents, marking their impact to our readers from 126 countries.


    After our extensive program, our correspondents have secured jobs and have deeper engagements in social impact programs and organizations like the United Nations Development Program, Yunus Center, etc. Some have been leaders on grassroots initiatives in their respective countries. Others have kept writing in different media organizations and there are those who even started their own social impact projects.



    This year, we wanted to gather up our readers, writers, and like-minded alike in various online events that will spark exchange of ideas, and discussions on various topics that entail social impact.

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    • International organizations, such as UNDP in Asia and the Pacific, UNESCO, and different top National Universities in Asia, invites us to share our expertise in media coverage, production, and distribution on reports about social impact.
    • We are featured in different media outlets in China and Philippines.
    • We join different local events in Asia-Pacific that give us direct engagement with our readers and changemakers.
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  • A Tiny Request To You


    Since you're here, we have a small favor to ask.


    The Change Magazine team is doing its best in bringing stories of change and inspiration but we are also constraint by monetary funds. And unlike other magazines and news organisations, we don't charge payment for our readers. So you can see why we need to ask for your help. Our writers and editors are working hard day by day, wanting to bring more stories and news that impacts the lives of the grassroots population and YOU CAN BE OF HELP TOO.


    For as little as 1$, you will help spread stories of positive impact to the world, stories that we needed the most these days.