Gomanan (2020)

    a film by Pia Duran



    The continuous destruction of the environment causes the onslaught of disasters in the world. The forest that has been a source of food and water defends us against disasters such as typhoons and flash floods. However, the continuous and massive exploitation of natural resources threatened our forests. Its wrath affected millions of lives, yet the people most affected have no contribution to its destruction.


    For centuries, the Indigenous Peoples communities sustain their lives with and for the environment. In current times, they remain the most vulnerable group. Nevertheless, their role is critical in protecting the world's remaining biodiversity.

    Living at Mt. Apo's foot in the Philippines, Bagobo Tabawa is a notable indigenous community. They protect the critically endangered Philippine Eagle and its home. The documentary narrates the traditional ways of life and practices that stood disasters. This story proves how going back to the past millennium's knowledge can mitigate even the worse effects of climate change.


    Amplify the voices of Indigenous Peoples communities.


    Save the Philippine Eagle.