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    Strategic Communications for China-Africa Development Cooperation with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



    Key Areas: China, Africa, USA


    Purpose: to build an enabling environment for advocacy on China-Africa partnership in health and development through strategic communications, the ultimate goal is to help those we are suffering in infectious diseases, hunger and poverty.


    An introduction of the program by the Gates Foundation can be seen in this link: https://www.gatesfoundation.org/How-We-Work/Quick-Links/Grants-Database/Grants/2019/11/INV-003528


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    Solar Home System project with Shenzhen Foundation of International Exchange and Cooperation (SFIEC)



    Key Areas: Cambodia, Myanmar, China


    Funded by Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation (SFIEC), and endorsed by Cambodian and Myanmar governments, the project aims to promote off-grid solar power in rural areas by demonstration. Diinsider was commissioned with feasibility study of the project. A 200 household survey in Cambodia and a 300 household survey in Myanmar were conducted to learn their needs for electricity, and analyze reasons for using solar power or against it. Diinsder also analyzed several previous or existing cases for lessons-learning.


    Based on our study, SFIEC engaged a solar power social enterprise D.Light, and purchased 500 sets of off-grid solar equipment and donated to rural households in Cambodian and Myanmar. Diinsider will conduct an evaluation of the project in 2020 to measure its impact and provide recommendations for future expansion of the project.

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    Capabilities for Creating Shared Value: Optimizing Social-Business Balance in Southeast and South Asian Countries with Nanyang Technological University (NTU)



    Key Areas: Singapore, ASEAN, South Asia


    Diinsider, together with NTU’s Centre for Emerging Markets and other partners, completed a research report on "Creating Shared Value"(CSV). Diinsider supported the research by interviewing 42 leading companies in renewable energy and other sustainable development topics in ASEAN and South Asia countries. Initially, Diinsider identified a dataset containing 610 indigenous CSV practitioners in 11 ASEAN and South Asia countries. Next, Diinsider helped to develop the interview questionnaire and interview a list of companies.


    The report describes a 4A framework explaining how managers develop CSV capability to achieve shared value optimization (SVO). Drawing on the 4A framework of CSV capability, this report provides a cyclic five-step roadmap to guide CSV practitioners toward achieving their category-specific SVO.


    Report can be downloaded here: https://nbs.ntu.edu.sg/Research/ResearchCentres/CEM/Research/Pages/Emerging-markets-sustainability-status.aspx

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    Project Championing Children’s Rights in Rehabilitation through Government-Civil Society Children Engagement Phase 2 (CHARGE 2) Program Evaluation



    Key Area: Philippines


    Save the Children, in partnership with The Exodus from Child Labour to Integration, Play, Socialization and Education (ECLIPSE), Inc. and Affiliated Networks for Social Accountability (ANSA) implemented Project Championing Children’s Rights in Rehabilitation through Government-Civil Society Children Engagement Phase 2 (CHARGE 2) along the thematic areas of Child Protection (CP), and Child Rights Governance (CRG) in development contexts.



    Evaluation Report was prepared by Development Innovation Insider (Diinsider) in partnership with The Exodus from Child Labour to Integration, Play, Socialization and Education (ECLIPSE), Inc., Affiliated Network for Social Accountability (ANSA) and Save the Children. The content of this report is based on the data gathered in the consultation with ECLIPSE, key informant interviews with key partners in the project area (Leading Active Youth Advocates, Minsan Lang Kami Bata Federation, Child Protection Alliance of Matag-ob and the LGU of Matag-ob) and from other secondary project documents during the 3-year project implementation of Project CHARGE 2.

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    Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Research in Myanmar



    Key Areas: Myanmar, China


    We helped the International Poverty Reduction Center of China to conduct a rural development and poverty reduction research in Myanmar, and analyze how rural development programs can be innovated to cater for the community level needs and existing initiatives.

  • Diinsider Senior Researchers


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    Kenichi Doi

    Kenichi Doi is a CCSP Doctoral Fellow at the Graduate School of Education, Peking University. Before joining academia, Kenichi served as the deputy director of Loan Procurement Policy and Supervision Division at The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Representative of JICA's Beijing Office, as well as assistant director of Africa Division I at JICA.


    Kenichi has been actively involved in international development cooperation in Africa and Southeast Asia, especially in the global health sector. Kenichi holds a master degree of public policy at Tokyo University (2006-2008). He speaks English, Japanese, Chinese and French.




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    Ying Yao

    Ying Yao is a PhD candidate of Development Studies at Tsinghua University. She was a visiting scholar at Yangon University in Myanmar (2016-2018) and School of Advanced and International Studies (SAIS) at John Hopkins University in the US (2015-2016). She also conducted research with the International Growth Center (IGC) of London School of Economics (LSE) in the UK (2017-2018) and Gender Development Institute in Myanmar (2015). She holds a first degree of Burmese language at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

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    Yijia Chen

    Yijia Chen is an EECS Honors Student and Accel Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. He has conducted research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2018-2019) and Berkeley DeepDrive (2020) on ML for social good (ML4SG) applications. He has worked on software development at ByteDance and various other companies. Currently, he is leading data visualization and food donation campaigns with Gov. of Ethiopia Ministry of Health and University of Nairobi, Kenya to help locals through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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