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    Development Innovation Insider (Diinsider) is a content creator and solution provider for consumers, entrepreneurs and partners

    in the “Bottom of Pyramid (BoP)” market. Our mission is to improve quality of lives for the under served 4-5 billion population.


    At Diinsider, we connect SMEs/entrepreneurs/social enterprises in the BoP market with (impact) investors, corporations,

    media and governments, and help them together build partnerships. We also help impact investors and various stakeholders

    to identify addressable market in emerging countries, to scale up social and economic impacts with grassroots oriented initiatives.


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    Our research department is established to apply Diinsider's in-depth understanding of social impact

    in emerging countries to decision-making of

    public and private sector.


    We are open to consulting opportunities in the field

    of sustainable development, impact investing,

    and emerging markets exploration.



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    Reach our research team at info@diinsider.com

    with "Research Inquiry" on the subject line.


    Diinsider Productions is the media arm of Diinsider, aiming to produce extra-ordinary stories on people, product innovation, services, and empowering

    acts that directly impact the grassroots.


    We brainstorm, produce, and even distribute videos

    that suit your media campaign strategies.



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    CHANGE MAG works as a media hub for social innovators and entrepreneurs around the globe.


    With audience in 106 countries, we provide in-depth analysis, informative articles for professional and emerging leaders, changemakers, and innovators,

    and promote grassroots innovations and initiative 

    that have the potential to inspire many organizations working at the grassroots level.



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    send us a message at info@diinsider.com with

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    Financing, Human Resources, & IT

    • Collaborated with 20+ social enterprises in Asia-Pacific and Africa
    • Project experiences in ASEAN, South Asia, and Africa
    • Data acumen
    • Alumni of United Nations, Duke University and Tsinghua University


    Business Development & Marketing

    • 10+ years experience in both public and private sector
    • Business acumen
    • Alumni of University of Pennsylvania

    Communications & Branding

    • Intensive communication and media experiences in ASEAN
    • Documentary filmmaker and media producer with over 1 million views
    • Alumni of University of the Philippines


    Program Manager

    XU ZOE

    Communication Manager


    Video Editor and Cinematographer

  • Strategic Partners